What's Going On?

UPDATE: Pulte asked for a continuance of the BZA meeting to July 10th, 2018 at 6:30 in Town Hall.  POINT OF CLARIFICATION: The linked petition opposes the proposed Pulte Development The Fields and seeks the Zionsville BZA to deny these extreme variances presented in Docket #2018-12-DSV. The petition does not oppose the Little League Headquarters. 

“Zionsville is community. Zionsville is family.” These lines are part of the pitch that helped a volunteer group of private citizens secure the bid for Zionsville to win the Little League International (LLI) Central Regional Headquarters.  As citizens of Zionsville we shared in the excitement of the idea of the HQ win, some of us even donating to it’s cause, but we did not really know the true cost.  That is the purpose of this website to share information so all will know exactly what is going on.  To be clear: What we are opposing is the intrinsic tie-in by a large private developer, Pulte, of the neighborhood called The Fields to the Little League project.  We do not oppose Little League.  We oppose THIS proposed development which requires multiple EXTREME variances and has been handled with the immediate neighbors and the public in a less than transparent and professionally courteous way. This neighborhood has been denied by the Board of Zoning approvals before when the same density occurred on the entire 58 acre parcel (not the current 40 acres) and Little League was not a consideration.  These variances and proposed plan, if passed, would change our little corner of Zionsville for the worse by changing our daily living through increased density of population, traffic, drainage issues and loss of our quality of life. It also will cause a decline in the property values of homes we have built up over many years, which translates to a transfer of our wealth to the pockets of Pulte and even Little League International. As neighbors we wouldn’t want this to happen to you.  But if it is allowed to happen to us, it indeed could happen to YOU.

  • We ask you, our neighbors and fellow citizens of Zionsville, help us make sure that bringing Little League to Zionsville is done in a way that is consistent with the Little League pledge (unchanged since1953) by ensuring that it “respects the laws” of the community and “plays fair”.

  • Please look around this website and explore the concerns.  Then please join us to STOP THIS and stand with us by signing our petition, writing to our local governing bodies and attending the BZA meeting on July 10th at 6:30 pm.  All meetings are at the Town Hall, 1100 W. Oak Street in Zionsville.

  • Finally, this website is titled Zville Project Concerns.  After our fight is done we will make this site available (free of charge) to other neighbor groups to share their concerns and educate the community on their issues.  We hope that shows you that we are serious about the business of being good neighbors. After all, Zionsville is community and Zionsville is family.