What can I do to help?

If you share any of the concerns we have or are worried about the direction these decisions might be heading Zionsville towards, please STAND WITH US.  Help us make sure that ALL NEIGHBORS in Zionsville are treated fairly, now and in the future. Help us  PRESERVE ZIONSVILLE! 

  1. ATTEND THE MEETING at the Town Hall on July 10, 2018 to show your support through your physical presence.  

  2. EMAIL the Town Government below and share your concern.  You can just simply write “Deny Pulte’s The Fields Variances and Plan” with your name and town or include any of our concerns from this website along with your own.  Help them see we want all neighbors rights protected!

  3. SIGN OUR PETITION to oppose the Pulte development by clicking the link below OR at the top on any page of this website to add your name to the list of concerned citizens. The petition is not opposed to Little League.

Thank you for your support and for preserving the best part of Zionsville … it’s GOOD NEIGHBORS. 😊

To Sign Our Petition:


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